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Reference CTP-SAI-052

Sustainable soils for sustainable food production - can minimising soil disturbance help deliver net-zero crop production?

Dr Paula Misiewicz (HAU), Prof Jim Monaghan (HAU), Dr Edward Dickin (HAU), Dr Shaunagh Slack (PepsiCo), Dr S McWilliam (PepsiCo)

Reference CTP-SAI-065

AI-powered dynamic phenotyping of plant-parasitic nematodes

Dr Sebastian Eves-van den Akker (University of Cambridge),
Prof. Ji Zhou (NIAB),
Dr Philippa Harlow (Syngenta)
Dr Anthony Flemming (Syngenta).

Reference CTP-SAI-066

From regenerative farming to restoration: assessing the environmental impacts of future management changes in UK lowland peatlands

Dr Nick Girkin (University of Nottingham),
Dr Lydia Smith (NIAB),
Ron Stobart (Sainsburys)

Reference CTP-SAI-068

Routes towards Net Zero through maximizing soil building processes into lower horizons

Dr Lydia Smith (NIAB)
Dr Dan Evans (Cranfield University)

Reference CTP-SAI-075

Double legumes, multiple benefits? Ecosystem service benefits from combined faba bean (Vicia faba L.) and pea (Pisum sativum L.) crop-mixtures.

Dr Pete Iannetta (The James Hutton Institute),
Dr Jacqueline Hannam (Cranfield University),
Prof. Euan James (JHI),
Prof Wilfred Otten (Cranfield University).
Roger Vickers (Processors and Growers Research Organisation ; PGRO)

Reference CTP-SAI-076

Exploring the mechanism underpinning determinacy and nitrogen requirement in potato crops

Dr Johannes Kromdijk (University of Cambridge),
Dr Stéphanie Swarbreck (NIAB),
Dr Sarah Roberts (NIAB),
David Almond (CUPGRA)

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