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Reference CTP-SAI-041

Testing the risks of chemicals to the Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Symbiosis

Dr Sebastian Schornack (Sainsbury Laboratory), Dr Christopher Sweeney (Syngenta)

Reference CTP-SAI-059

Yield, quality and shelf-life problems in lettuce due to virus infections in the UK

Dr Charlotte Nellist (NIAB), Prof. John Walsh (University of Warwick), Emma Garfield (G’s Growers Ltd)

Reference CTP-SAI-052

Regenerative farming systems for potato production

Dr Paula Misiewicz (HAU), Prof Jim Monaghan (HAU), Dr Edward Dickin (HAU), Dr Shaunagh Slack (PepsiCo), Dr S McWilliam (PepsiCo)

Reference CTP-SAI-063

Shining light on Potato: can light treatments accelerate breeding and reduce fungicide usage?

Dr Eleanor Gilroy (James Hutton Institute),
Dr Gabriela Toledo-Ortiz (James Hutton Institute)
Dr Ingo Hein (University of Dundee)

Reference CTP-SAI-064

Understanding genotypic variation in potato hybrid populations of root morphological and anatomical characteristics – identifying traits for a climate resilient potato.

Prof Tim George, The James Hutton Institute.
Dr Darren Wells, University of Nottingham
Dr Jonathan Atkinson, University of Nottingham
Dr MIchiel de Vries, Solynta
Dr Edwin van der Vossen, Solynta

Reference CTP-SAI-065

AI-powered dynamic phenotyping of plant-parasitic nematodes

Dr Sebastian Eves-van den Akker (University of Cambridge),
Prof. Ji Zhou (NIAB),
Dr Philippa Harlow (Syngenta)
Dr Anthony Flemming (Syngenta).

Reference CTP-SAI-066

From regenerative farming to restoration: assessing the environmental impacts of future management changes in UK lowland peatlands

Dr Nick Girkin (University of Nottingham/Cranfield University),
Dr Lydia Smith (NIAB),
Ron Stobart (Sainsburys)

Reference CTP-SAI-067

‘Living with the Enemy’; The crucial role of varietal tolerance in potato cyst nematode management

Dr Matthew Back (Harper Adams University),
Dr Katarzyna Dybal (Harper Adams University),
Dr James Price (James Hutton Institute),
Dr Misghina Teklu (Wageningen University)

Reference CTP-SAI-068

Routes towards Net Zero through maximizing soil building processes into lower horizons

Dr Lydia Smith (NIAB)
Dr Dan Evans (Cranfield University)

Reference CTP-SAI-069

Exploration into creating bruise resilient ‘Maris Piper’ potatoes

Dr Sandra Landahl, Senior Research Fellow Postharvest Technology(Cranfield University)
Dr Emma Wallington, Head of Crop Transformation (NIAB)
Dr M.Carmen Alamar, Senior Lecturer Postharvest Biology (Cranfield University)
Ron Stobart (Sainsbury's)
Peter Craven (CUPGRA)

Reference CTP-SAI-070

Assessing efficient application and emission reduction from using low carbon footprint fertilisers in potato agronomy

Professor Ruben Sakrabani, Cranfield University,
Mr Gary Collins, PepsiCo

Reference CTP-SAI-073

The potential of naturally occurring, heritable, mutualistic ‘persistent’ viruses to enhance legume performance

Professor John Carr (Cambridge University)
Roger Vickers(PGRO)

Reference CTP-SAI-074

Functional and Pharmacological Characterization of Insect Inositol-1,4,5-triphosphate Receptors

Prof. Graham Ladds (Dept. Pharmacology, Cambridge University),
Dr Taufiq Rahman (Dept. Pharmacology, Cambridge University),
James Goodchild (Syngenta, Jealott’s Hill Int. Res. Stn, Bracknell, UK),
Dr Federico Dapiaggi (Syngenta, Stein, Switzerland).

Reference CTP-SAI-075

Double legumes, multiple benefits? Ecosystem service benefits from combined faba bean (Vicia faba L.) and pea (Pisum sativum L.) crop-mixtures.

Dr Pete Iannetta (The James Hutton Institute),
Dr Jacqueline Hannam (Cranfield University),
Prof. Euan James (JHI),
Prof Wilfred Otten (Cranfield University).
Roger Vickers (Processors and Growers Research Organisation ; PGRO)

Reference CTP-SAI-076

Exploring the mechanism underpinning determinacy and nitrogen requirement in potato crops

Dr Johannes Kromdijk (University of Cambridge),
Dr Stéphanie Swarbreck (NIAB),
Dr Sarah Roberts (NIAB),
David Almond (CUPGRA)

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