for October 2023 entry


Reducing food waste and risks from the bioaccumulation of pesticides in Cucurbits (pumpkins and courgettes)

Ron Stobart (Sainsburys), Bruce Napier (NIAB), Dr Neil Graham (University of Nottingham), Dr Tristan Dew (University of Nottingham)


Controlling meiotic recombination in diploid potato

Prof. Ian Henderson (Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge), Dr Edwin van der Vossen (Solynta) and Dr Ernst-Jan Eggers (Solynta)


Optimising pollination of Vicia faba for enhanced crop yield and to support biodiversity

Professor Beverley Glover (University of Cambridge), Dr Tom Wood and Dr Jane Thomas (NIAB), Dr Roger Vickers and Dr Becky Howard (PGRO)


Using state-of-the-art association genetics in potato to clone and study functional disease resistance genes

Dr Ingo Hein (University of Dundee), Dr Micha Bayer (James Hutton Institute) Dr Jonathan Snape (James Hutton Limited)


Testing the risks of chemicals to the Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Symbiosis

Dr Sebastian Schornack (Sainsbury Laboratory), Dr Christopher Sweeney (Syngenta)


“Shellshock” - Developing methods of using chitin to reduce potato cyst nematode populations

Dr Matthew Back (HAU), Dr Tom Pope (HAU), Dr Joe Roberts (HAU) and Dr Gerard Bishop (NIAB), Ron Stobart (Sainsbury’s – Industry Supervisor)


Using less land better - manipulating growth of individual plants, synchronising maturity and reducing crop wastage

Prof Jim Monaghan (Harper Adams University), Dr Andrew Beacham (Harper Adams University), Prof Julian Hibberd (Cambridge University), Emma Garfield (G’s)


To me, to you - developing a push-pull system for sustainable management of aphid pests in seed and ware potato crops

Dr Tom Pope (HAU), Dr Matthew Back (HAU), Dr Joe Roberts (HAU) and Dr Gerard Bishop (NIAB)


Improving barley as a sustainable, healthy wholegrain food crop

Dr Phil Howell (NIAB, Cambridge), Dr Ed Dickin (Harper Adams University), Dr Kelly Houston (James Hutton Institute), Prof Jim Monaghan (Harper Adams University), Dr Steve Rawsthorne (The Morley Agricultural Foundation)


Innovative tillage for potato production within regenerative farming systems

Dr Paula Misiewicz (HAU), Prof Jim Monaghan (HAU), Dr Edward Dickin (HAU), Dr Shaunagh Slack (PepsiCo), Dr S McWilliam (PepsiCo)


Developing Net Zero Wheat Varieties

Dr Stéphanie Swarbreck (NIAB), Dr Lydia Smith (NIAB), Dr Nick Girkin (Cranfield University), and Ron Stobart (Sainsbury’s)


Yield, quality and shelf-life problems in lettuce due to virus infections in the UK

Dr Charlotte Nellist (NIAB), Prof. John Walsh (University of Warwick), Emma Garfield (G’s Growers Ltd)

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