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Students will have access to training opportunities through the University to complement their scientific development.  This will be augmented by training in key bioscience areas, such as statistics, through the CTP-SAI programme


To enhance employability and research capability, all CTP-SAI students will receive Graduate Training in Leadership and Management from MDS.

Bespoke CTP-SAI training programme created with MDS  will help students develop their business knowledge as well as ability to apply it in practice.

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Business Presentation
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Business Meeting

Personal Development Plan

Students will complete a Personal Development plan (PDP).

This will include SMART targets, SWOT analysis, learning logs and reviews.

The reviews will have an input from the student’s supervisor and will identify the student’s development needs as well as areas of strength. 

The development manager will provide coaching and mentoring and regularly review the PDP to ensure targets are being met.

Programming Console


This course is an introduction to R designed for participants with no programming experience.

R is one of the leading programming languages in Data Science. It is widely used to perform statistics, machine learning, visualisations and data analyses. It is an open source programming language so all the software we will use in the course is free.

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